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Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device walks the very thin line between being an Apple fan and not being an Apple apologist. Each week your hosts Greg (@GR36) and Nathan (@natisho) discuss interesting topics surrounding Apple and the technology world at large.

Oct 14, 2018

This week we talked about Google's Hardware event in which they unveiled the Pixel: Phone and slate and also the Google Home Hub.
We went diving into Google's strategy with the Pixel phones, how come they are not given for free, the move from a commodity Nexus device into a Pixel premium device, why the Pixel devices don't matter,  and why giving users the option to hide the (HUGE) notch is a non-design choice.
Also, we discussed about Android's failure outside of the smartphone market which brings Google to push Chrome OS on PC's and tablets, why there is no cellular option for the Pixel Slate, the baffling configuration options, the camera-less Google Home Hub, and will Apple also showcase a home device with a screen.



  • Google event
    • Pixel 3
      • This is also a ridiculous price
      • One main two different devices although the similar spec
      • Better screens
      • Lots fo software improvements not rolled out to other devices
      • Scratches too easily!  #scratchgate
  • Pixel Slate
    • Runs Chrome OS not Android
    • This is ridiculously priced!
    • A desktop browser on a tablet is a positive
    • Uses Android Apps - a small number of tablet apps