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Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device walks the very thin line between being an Apple fan and not being an Apple apologist. Each week your hosts Greg (@GR36) and Nathan (@natisho) discuss interesting topics surrounding Apple and the technology world at large.

May 13, 2018

Matt Birchler joins us to talk about "Micro Podcasts", and dive into Google I/O talking about: How good has Google Assistant became, what are the social implications? surprisingly Assistant still takes some cues from Siri, can we trust Google News, Nati's favorite: Android P, and more.


Special Guest: Matt Birchler



Follow Up

  • Nati’s upload speed is sooooo fast!



  • Micro Podcasts
  • Google I/O
    • Assistant 
      • Google Assistant gets improved voices - Just like Siri…
      • Assistant just gets better (continuous conversation and multiple actions) - Not like Siri…
      • Pretty Please… WDYT Dad?
      • Assistant in Google Maps - Just like Siri?
      • Google Duplex 🧐
    • Google News
      • What’s with the sudden interest with text content by Apple and Google?
      • Why should we trust them to serve us the news?
    • Android P
      • Intelligence
        • Adaptive battery - Project Volta V2
        • Adaptive brightness
        • App actions - deep linking + Slices
        • ML Kit - CoreML copycat
      • Simplicity
        • Swipe up for the multitasking - iPhone X UI clone
        • Scrub through apps - Clone #2
        • On-demand rotation button
      • Digital wellbeing
        • JOLO
        • Device dashboard
        • Auto DND
        • Wind down mode - greyscale + DND on a specific time?
      • Kind of a public beta
      • Yawn 😴
    • Maps
    • Google Lens is mighty impressive